Our office provides legal services to companies from the establishment in all matters related to the operation of the company in a wide variety of legal matters. Legal services to our Clients includes continuous legal counseling, providing up-to-date information on legislative changes and their application in legal relations.


We are committed to providing reliable, professional service and we do our best to act in the best interest of our Clients’. We have the necessary infrastructure and provide our permanent Clients with their own client gateway and electronic platform for communication. Our activity covers representing private persons in court procedure. We cooperate with our Clients on the basis of mutual trust to achieve common goals and success.

Practice areas

Corporate law


Our office advises Clients on the establishment of companies, including any changes in the company, procedures before the court of registration and also the termination of business activity of the company.

We work in accordance with our Clients’ decision

As the new Civil Code entered into force, our Clients’ have the right to choose from several company forms and they are entitled to decide on the content of the contract and to deviate from the provisions of the law. Based on our Clients’ requirements and the provisions of law, we create legal framework suitable for business purposes and interests of our Clients.

In addition to standard company forms, we assist in the establishment and representation of foundations, associations and Hungarian branch offices for foreign enterprises. At our Clients’ request we are also prepared to assist our Clients in foundation of off-shore companies.

Our office is ready to draft syndicate agreements governing the relationship between the shareholders to protect the business interest of the members.

We also manage different types of company transformation, such as merger and demerger. We have acquired extensive experience in the transfer of business shares and due diligence reviews. We help our Clients comply with any statutory obligation towards the court of registration and tax authority at the time of termination of business activity, in case of termination of the company without legal succession.

Commercial law


Our office has wide experience in drafting commercial agreements and developing the optimal legal framework based on the business interest of our Clients. We cooperate with our Clients to incorporate the appropriate terms and conditions in the commercial agreements that will govern their business relations with their partners. Our activity covers domestic and international commercial transactions related to sale and purchase, contractor, consignment or agency agreement. We focus on long-term legal counseling, constantly review and update the contractual terms with special regard to the tax law aspects.

We assist our Clients in realization of their business plans

Our services include the drafting of loan, collateral and other security agreements. We work with our Clients to help them secure their claims by

  • including guarantee provisions in the commercial agreement,
  • drafting separate pledge or suretyship agreements,
  • way of fiduciary agreements under the new regulation of the Civil Code,

We provide escrow agency services in connection with the commercial transactions. We have extensive experience in the effective enforcement of the claim in case of non-performance. We offer efficient legal framework to enforce the claims, such as initiation of payment order and we represent our Clients in lawsuits and in domestic and EU insolvency proceedings.

Tax law


Our office offers a wide range of services related to tax counseling and representation before the tax authority. We make sure that the transactions, projects and all the taxation aspects of the Clients’ operation comply with the changes in Hungarian tax law.

We acquired significant experience in representing clients before the tax authority related to tax audit cases, including litigation. We monitor the judgments of the European Court of Justice, especially the preliminary decision making procedure, which have significant influence on tax related procedures in Hungary.

We also undertake to review ongoing or closed tax-related cases in order to help Clients avoid sanctions.

In addition to tax audit cases, we represent Clients in other tax-related issue in front of the tax authority.

We represent our Clients in accordance with current legal trends

Real estate law


We have significant experience in the sale and purchase of real estate. When we carry out the transactions we pay particular attention to the Clients’ interest and we provide

  • full scale due diligence of the property,
  • help Clients obtain permission from the authorities and
  • we draft related security agreements.

We offer the review of loan agreements if the acquisition of the property is financed by a financial institution.

Precise work based on our Clients’ interest

We provide legal assistance in connection with property investments, including the process of obtaining the necessary permits, drafting the contractor agreements, monitoring loan and credit transactions and managing the legal work related to the sale of the properties. Our activity serves the successful cooperation between the investors and potential buyers. Most of our Clients are involved in real estate development and investment.

We represent the Clients in procedures towards the building and construction authorities and land registry offices.

Our office assists in the process of the establishment and representation of condominiums.

Labor law


The coordination of the employment relationship constitutes a separate field in the operation of the companies covering a range of issues from the time of the establishment until the termination of the employment relationship.

We provide Solution-focused help for our Clients

Our labor law services include:

  • drafting of employment contracts,
  • preparation of internal policies concerning employee activities,
  • drafting agreements related to the modification or termination of the employment relationship.

Our complex approach contributes transparent operation of employers in compliance with the legal requirements, sets out the working conditions for the employees, which helps to prevent the violation of the labor law rules.

We accept engagement primarily from employees in connection with labor law issues.

Inheritance law


Inheritance law is a special and complex field of law, its’ object is the transfer of the entire legacy of the testator to the successors. Due to its’ financial impact, the last will of the testator has a significant importance. With reference to the restrictions of the grounds for disinheritance and obligations of compulsory share, the testator should make a disposal of the legacy with high caution, as there is no option for correction in the time of the opening of the legacy.

Our Clients’ trust is primary value

In light of the inseparable relation of the inheritance law with other fields of law and the strict formal and substantive requirements, the legal assistance requires particular caution and special expertise related to the testamentary dispositions.

Our office is ready to offer legal services in the succession proceedings in order to enforce the claims of the Clients and to prevent long-term litigation proceedings.



We undertake to represent Clients in contradictory proceedings in different fields of law, but mostly in civil and administrative law litigation proceedings.

When we accept engagement to bring the claim to the court, we primarily take into consideration the effective enforcement in the procedure. Following the review of the relevant documents of a case, we inform our Clients what kind of result might be expected.

We take into consideration the interest of our Clients

Our experience covers an extensive variety of litigation proceedings of which the business law litigations should be mostly emphasized. In tax law litigations we carry out judicial review procedures of administrative decisions, where we offer legal assistance either for business entities or natural persons.

We provide legal service not only for members from the private sector, but also for local government offices.

Administrative services


We have numerous cases where our office was advised to take part in immigration and nationality proceedings, to handle issues in connection with intellectual property cases, to represent Clients towards administration office of certification and guardianship.

Legal counseling


We provide professional and flexible legal counseling services either for corporations or for natural persons related to the mentioned law matters in cooperation with our Clients. With this philosophy, we consider the necessary measures to be taken in a particular case and we fulfill our engagements in order to comply with the requirements of the attorneys’ professions.

The basis of our work is the trust of our Clients

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